Update as of November 28th: 

All services for the next two weeks have been cancelled. Pastor Baines and Mrs. Ginger tested positive for Covid-19 as well as several other members of our church family. We made this decision out of an abundance of caution and care for the well-being of our congregation even though we will miss you all greatly.

Our normal church services will resume December 13th with heightened safety protocols in place. Until then, Pastor Baines will be posting video sermons each Sunday. Please stay safe and healthy until we can meet again and we will see you soon! 

Update as of May 10th: 

We have resumed our Sunday morning service at 11:00AM. We are taking extra precautions in order to protect our parishioners. We are asking that all attendees maintain social distancing as advised by the CDC. We are performing a thourough, deep cleaning of our church facilities before each service. Masks are not required, but are welcomed to worn. We ask that you use your best judgement in deciding whether to attend or not. For our members that are 60+ or have a comprised or weakened immune system, we recommend staying home for the time being. 

All services are currently meeting at their regular scheduled time. 

Update as of March 20th: 

PLEASE NOTE - All morning and evening services have been cancelled until further notice. While we're not able to physically gather for services we encourage you to join us online. Just follow us on Facebook for our weekly sermons and any additional updates. 



Sunday Service and the Coronavirus:



By now, I'm sure you have seen the news regarding the coronavirus and the impact it is having in our community, our country, and our world. First and foremost, we should unify in prayer for God’s peace, protection, and plan during these tempestuous days. Further below is a helpful prayer guide for specific ways to pray.


There has been widespread concern about the spread of the virus and what it means for so many activities in our area. Forsyth County has addressed the issue with school closures and discouragement of large gatherings. This includes discouraging events that have over 250 in attendance. Although this does not directly affect our church, this is the plan for our church as we head into the weekend:


1. The church facility is being thoroughly disinfected between now and Sunday.


2. We will be having our services on the regular schedule at this time.


3. We are encouraging anyone who is over 65 and anyone who may have respiratory problems to use your own judgment and      possibly consider staying home to avoid potential exposure. Also, if you are feeling sick or displaying any of the symptoms          (sore throat, shortness of breath, fever, etc.), please do not attend the service.


4. The service will be recorded and uploaded to our church website for anyone who is unable to attend in person.

     We feel this is a sufficient plan with the information we currently have. There is much false information circulating and                 people feeling strongly on both sides of this issue. Our belief is that the truth is somewhere in the middle. This issue is NOT         a "non-issue," but we believe the mass hysteria is not warranted. That being said, we need to take serious and legitimate            cautions as there is no treatment and the virus has a very high contagious rate. If there is anything that you need during            this time, please contact us. We want you and your family to feel our love, concern, and support, especially during these days.

(Current information on the Coronavirus updated at the following websites: https://www.cdc.gov/)

As stated, this is a time for the church to unite in prayer. Below is a prayer guide of specific ways to pray.





How Can We Pray?

We should remember the words of Paul to Timothy in 2 Timothy 1:7: "For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind." With that spirit, pray along the following lines:


1. God is sovereign and in control of everything. As believers, our highest joy is found in the outworking of His will in all events. To that end, pray that through this outbreak the Gospel will go forward and that men, women and children will be saved.


2. Pray for those who have contracted the virus and for their swift healing. Pray for the families of those around the world who have lost their lives from this virus.


3. Pray for wisdom for leaders in government and medicine as they respond to this outbreak. Pray they would put the interests of other before their own, and that they would respond wisely and appropriately.


4. Pray for medical personnel who will be treating the sick. Pray for their own safety and health as they work selflessly to serve others.


5. Pray for those who would be considered at high-risk: Seniors, those with pre-existing medical conditions, etc. Pray they would be wise in their precautions and protected from illness.


6. Pray for Christians all over the world to respond to this situation with faith and not fear, allowing the Holy Spirit to give them the peace that passes all understanding.